Selbstgemachte DIY Dekoideen zu Weihnachten mit einem beleuchteten Weidenkranz in Weiß mit Mintgrün und Roségold
Do it yourself

Christmas decoration: illuminated willow wreath and raffle

Actually, I had completely different colors in mind for my Christmas decorations this year, but then one of my favorite colors, mint green, crept in again. When bonprix gave me the task of designing a willow wreath, it was immediately clear to me that spray paint had to be used 😉. The brick wall is …

DIY Anleitung für ein selbstgemachtes Liederbuch zu Weihnachten aus Papier als Tischdeko
Do it yourself

Songbook for your table decorations at Christmas and competition

When I first came to my husband’s family, I was quite astonished that 20 people were singing Christmas carols before the Christmas Eve! For the first few years I mumbled to myself while singing, but since I’ve had children myself (and have sung “La-le-lu” in a loop), I’ve found the custom really nice! Last year …

Einfache DIY Projekte für den Flur mit selbst gebauter Hakenleiste aus Holz im scandi Look und Sichtschutz aus Holz und Raffiabast als Deko Lösung für den Flur
Do it yourself

Makeover: build your own privacy screen and hook rail

I am really happy that my hallway makeover, which I implemented together with Schöner Wohnen Color, has been so well received by you! Today, as promised, I have the instructions for the super simple privacy screen and the wooden hook rail for you!   Since the wall at the back is completely full of power …