DIY Mandala Bild im Boho Look aus Farbkarten aus dem Baumarkt als günstige, selbstgemachte Deko für die Wand
Do it yourself

Mandala picture in a boho look from color cards

Yieppieh, our bedroom is finished painting! Although I was disappointed at first because the color seemed too light to me, I now think it’s really great on the wall! But before I can show you the whole room, I have to decorate a little. For this I came up with a few DIY decoration projects, after all, you don’t have to buy everything new! Yesterday I made a boho-look mandala picture myself. The colors go perfectly with the sage green wall as I made the picture from color cards from the hardware store. There is no cheaper way to decorate the wall 🙂.

DIY mandala picture in a boho look from color cards from the hardware store as an inexpensive, self-made decoration for the wall

Since yesterday I’ve been looking at the picture again and again because I find it incredibly relaxing. It is probably due to the symmetry and the harmonious colors, but maybe also because the handicrafts were almost meditative. Girlfriends often tell me that they don’t find time to do things themselves, but for me creative handicraft time is always time for me, in which I immerse myself completely in one thing. When in the end something nice comes out and I hold the finished work in my hands, I feel like after a day of wellness.

You need:

  • Color cards from the hardware store or cardboard
  • a sheet of sturdy paper
  • scissors
  • Circle
  • triangle ruler
  • pencil
  • Glue

How to do it:

The material list sounds more like maths 9th grade and not very tempting, but luckily the result doesn’t look mathematical at all (I would have had a lot more fun at school back then!). For the mandala picture, first cut out circles and triangles from the color cards and then place them on the paper as a test. One or more circles drawn with the compass can help you to work (just erase them later). With the triangles, I didn’t pay attention to a specific angle at first and just started. Only later did I, for example, measure the rust-red, elongated triangles. Then you glue the geometric shapes on the paper. To make the mandala even more detailed, I finally glued a layer of triangles onto the mandala.

DIY mandala picture in a boho look from color cards from the hardware store as an inexpensive, self-made decoration for the wall

Today I temporarily decorated the corner in the bedroom, I think the bench in front of the wall is super nice, but I still need some storage space at that point. I would like a flat chest of drawers or a kind of sideboard, what do you think?

I wish you a lot of fun with meditative tinkering 🙂

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