Selbstgemachtes DIY Osternest aus Karton und Hasendraht in Hausform zu Ostern
Do it yourself

Rabbit hutch made of paper and wire

My children have not even eaten all of Nikolaus’ chocolate and now it will actually be Easter again in four weeks! I’m slowly starting to think about decorating ideas for Easter and just now my good old roll of rabbit wire fell into my hands, which apparently never gets empty. So I built a small rabbit hutch as an Easter nest for the chocolate bunny. Very practical, because the wire roof will certainly keep our cats from looking a little too deep into the nest;).

Homemade DIY Easter basket made of cardboard and rabbit wire in the shape of a house for Easter

I really wanted to have a white chocolate Easter bunny for the photo, but of course there wasn’t one in the supermarket. A brown rabbit is probably better anyway if we are looking for eggs in the snow at Easter 😉.

You need:

  • a small rectangular box, such as a package
  • patterned paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • a piece of rabbit wire (or chicken wire or whatever you call it)
  • tongs
  • Glue
  • tape

How to do it: (for a nest you need about 30 minutes.)

First you stick paper on the outside and inside of the box. Then use the pliers to cut off a piece of wire mesh that is just as wide as the box and a little more than twice as high as the width (my box is 17 cm wide, so I cut the wire strip to 40 cm in length).

Bend the wire in the middle, form a roof and then the wire again so that it runs straight down (you couldn’t see it in the photo, so I left it out). So just like the house of St. Nicholas 😉.

Finally, fasten the roof to the box with tape.

Homemade DIY Easter basket made of cardboard and rabbit wire in the shape of a house for Easter

I found a butterfly in my Easter box and attached it to the roof, but you can also use a small clothes peg to attach Easter greetings or names to it. With us, EVERY gift must always have a specific name, otherwise one of the children will take everything for themselves. But my daughter is already so considerate as to skilfully overlook the Easter basket for my son so that he can find it himself 🙂.

Have you already started preparations for Easter?

Warm greetings!

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