DIY Anleitung für selbst gemachte leucht Gläser mit Knicklichtern als schnelle Dekoidee für Halloween
Do it yourself

Glowing Halloween decoration glasses

BOOOOOO! Actually, I was never a big fan of Halloween, because I always found the consumer craze in the USA on Halloween to be exaggerated. In the last few years I have seen how much effort the children who ring our doorbell have put in their disguises and how much fun my children also have with “sweet or sour!” to roam the streets. That’s why I’m already looking forward to October 31st and have bought sweets and made decorative glasses that I will put on the stairs outside.

DIY instructions for self-made luminous glasses with glow sticks as a quick decoration idea for Halloween

I used glow sticks (e.g. from TEDI) to make the glasses shine in such a wonderfully poisonous green. I didn’t get any cobwebs, but I found it in the DM drugstore. There is “angel hair” at the Christmas decorations, which looks exactly like cobwebs. But I find angel hair much creepier, I don’t like hair in the sink, should I hang up tufts of hair as decoration or how is that intended?

You need:

  • empty mason jars
  • black spray paint or acrylic paint (with brush)
  • black cardboard
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • Printed templates (I found mine at graphics fairy, a rather confusing site, but there are great free vintage motifs)
  • pencil
  • Angel hair or artificial cobwebs or disheveled cotton wool
  • Glow sticks, about 2-3 per glass
  • Decoration spiders, if you like

How to do it:

Paint the lids with black spray paint or paint them black. While the lids are drying, you draw the outline of your templates on black cardboard and cut them out. Then you glue the motifs on the glasses and the decorative spiders on the lids. At the end you put some of the angel hair into the glasses. On Halloween the glow sticks come in.

The glasses shine most beautifully in the dark, so it should be nice and dark in the hallway or where you will receive the children. But do not stand behind the door and frighten the children when they enter, nobody thinks that is funny. I know 😛.

Do you like Halloween and decorate a little or is that not for you?

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