Anleitung für selbstgemachte DIY Wanddeko aus Holz Resten im Botanik Look mit Fototransfertechnik und Farn Motiven als Deko für den Balkon
Do it yourself

Botany wall decoration made of wood for the balcony

Actually, I wanted to leave you alone with my balcony, but I was still missing a little decoration on the wall that I made today. The other day I came across a bottle of photo transfer medium that I took with me at some point at Aldi or something and never used it. Since then, I’ve tried it out on all kinds of surfaces and love it! I guess I’ll be the very last one to work with it and that’s old hat for you, but here are the instructions for the super quick wall decoration!

Instructions for self-made DIY wall decoration made of leftover wood in botany look with photo transfer technology and fern motifs as decoration for the balcony

If you are looking for suitable botany motifs, you can either copy them out of a botany book or take a look at pages like “the graphics fairy”. You can also paint the wood beforehand, but I wanted to have a contrast to the cool white wall.

You need:

  • ColorlaserPrint out the motif of your choice, mirror-inverted in the case of lettering
  • Wood scraps
  • scissors
  • Photo transfer medium (craft shop, partly also in hardware store)
  • paint brush
  • possibly sandpaper
  • Stapler
  • cord
  • Sponge and water

How to do it:

If the wood is very irregular or the edges are as rough as my wood sections, first sand the edges and the surface of the wood smooth. Then cut the outlines of the motif as precisely as possible and coat the printed side with the photo transfer medium. Also coat the wood with it before sticking the motif on. Now press the motif really well and smooth it out so that there are no creases or bubbles anywhere and let it dry for about two hours.

After drying, rub the paper carefully with a wet sponge until the motif comes out. At the end all that’s missing is a cord as a suspension, which you can attach to the back of the board with a staple gun.

If you want to protect the wood from the weather, you can paint it with clear varnish at the end.

Instructions for self-made DIY wall decoration made of wood residues in botany look with photo transfer technology and fern motifs as decoration for the balcony

After my last post on the balcony, some of you asked me if the “happy place” pennant was made by yourself – I have shown the instructions for it here!

I wish you a wonderful rest of the bridging day and a great May 1st tomorrow!

All the best

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