DIY Anleitung in Schritten für ein selbst genähtes Katzenbett aus Stoff mit Vlies zum Kuscheln für Katzen
Do it yourself

Sew your own cat bed

There has been a lot going on in our house in the last ten weeks! We have had offspring and now we have three little velvet paws romping around next to our tomcat and our cat. I am incredibly happy to be able to experience this once! Soon the time will come and two of the three babies will move into a new home. Fortunately, saying goodbye won’t be difficult for me, because the two of them are moving in with my dear friend and my in-laws, so I will see them quite often. As a present for the new owners, I sewed cat beds that the little ones can snuggle up on. Of course I also sewed a cat pillow for busy cat mothers who also need a place for themselves.

DIY instructions in steps for a self-made cat bed made of fabric with fleece for cats to cuddle with

I had actually thought differently for the photos! As with my last DIY for GOURMET, cats are unpredictable 😉. This is where the cat mom was supposed to lie, but the offspring were faster and took possession of it. After all, the two of them put down a dramatic pose for the photo. The two tomcats are called Piet and Sherlock, the girl Flo preferred to hop around the house in flea decorations.

DIY instructions in steps for a self-made cat bed made of fabric with fleece for cats to cuddle with

I made the cat bed extra long at the front because cats like to scratch the couch as an announcement “Attention, I’m coming to cuddle” before jumping up. Is that the same with your cat? Prompts like “stop it, the sofa is VINTAGE!” are often ignored (doesn’t even work with my children).

Do any of you happen to think that the cat bed is really small? My cats have a habit of squeezing themselves into tiny things to sleep in, because they feel more comfortable. Here are two photos of our cat (sorry for the quality, they are cell phone snapshots):

You need:

  • Fabric, two rectangles 64 cm x 85 cm
  • Fleece, 64 cm x 85 cm (if the fleece is thin, take several layers until it is cozy enough for you)
  • sewing machine
  • needle and thread
  • ruler
  • Fabric scissors
  • Tailor’s chalk / trick marker

This is how it’s done (it took me a good hour):

Step 1:

Cut the rectangles out of the fabric and the stabilizer.

Step 2:

Then put the fabric and fleece upright in front of you and cut two squares with an edge length of 12 cm from the corners at the top. Then measure 30 cm down from the cut-out corner and cut a 12 cm wide strip down to the bottom. The fabric is now cut in a cross shape.

Step 3:

Now you lay all three parts on top of each other as follows: first the fleece, then one of the two fabrics with the patterned side up and then the other with the patterned side down. Stuck all parts in place.

Step 4:

Sew the fabrics together all the way around, leaving an approx. 15 cm wide gap at the bottom of the short edge for turning.

Step 5:

Turn the pillow over and close the gap.

Step 6:

Now you can try lying down 🙂.

Step 7:

I added a seam to the edge of the pillow so that it can be folded down nicer later.

Step 8:

Finally, fold the edge up and sew the corners by hand.

DIY instructions in steps for a self-made cat bed made of fabric with fleece for cats to cuddle with

I wish you a lot of fun copying!

All the best and have a great weekend!

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