Anleitung für ein einfaches DIY mit großer Wirkung: alte IKEA Türen streichen mit Kreidefarbe inklusive Schritt für Schritt Anleitung
Do it yourself

Little effort, big effect: painting IKEA cabinet doors

I love DIY projects that are done quickly, but you can see a great change afterwards! The Ikea cabinet doors from our built-in wardrobe were already 10 years old and just weren’t nice to look at anymore. It would never have occurred to me to delete it! When you think of Ikea furniture, you always think of the coating of the surface and the fact that there is definitely no color on it except for nasty synthetic resin paint. But I didn’t want to just buy new doors, because apart from the fact that the project wasn’t worth 150 € for two new doors, I always think it’s stupid to replace something that still works.

When I recently called Melanie on the phone and she told me that painting the doors would not be a problem at all, I was immediately enthusiastic (sorry Melanie, but still skeptical). In Melanie’s shop in Cologne you can buy Annie Sloan’s chalk paints and visit workshops or order the paints online. Ok, I won’t make it any further exciting – this is what the doors look like now:

Instructions for a simple DIY with a big impact: paint old IKEA doors with chalk paint, including step-by-step instructions

I think the result is great and wonder why the last 10 years have been such boring, white doors ?!

This is the perfect project for anyone who wants a quick change but doesn’t want to spend hours preparing. I finished both doors in three hours!

I decided on the color Svenska Blue, a very nice green-blue. Basically, you don’t have to sand the surface beforehand, I only treated the areas around the fitting with fine sandpaper. Because the coating on the cabinet door was roughened there.

Then you can start right away and apply the paint with the brush. The paint dries super fast, so that after the first coat of the second door I could start with the second coat of the first door (uh yes, that sounds really super complicated when written). Finally, I gave the doors a nice load of wax, which I worked in with a cotton cloth.

Overall a really great project! The paint does not smell and can be processed super quickly on almost any surface. If our kitchen cabinets weren’t so desolate and had to be replaced. I would even paint the whole kitchen with them instead of planning a new one!

Do you also have a piece of furniture that you would like to redesign with super little effort?

All the best!

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