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Sew simple Roman blinds yourself

You know that I’m currently shooting for the program “Favorite Pieces” on SWR and beautifying treasures that I have cherished. The other day I had to solve a really tricky task for the show: someone asked for curtains for their tiny house, but they shouldn’t be drawable curtains and not as stuffy as Roman blinds. Pooh, I worked for a long time until I came up with something for the small windows! But I liked the result so much that I immediately sewed the same blinds for the windows in the gallery! We have had the problem for a long time that the sun shines through the window in the evening exactly in the evening when we want to sit comfortably on the couch and watch a movie. Since the TV is right across the street, of course we didn’t see anything. Our makeshift solution of tucking a blanket in the window looked horrible, of course!

Oh man, was it difficult to snap the blinds! Taking pictures against the light is difficult anyway, but I have always avoided showing the windows completely in photos because they looked so bare! I have to get used to the fact that there are no longer any white holes (that’s why I sewed the curtains in gray so that something happens visually 😉).

This is how the roller blinds hang during the day, but of course you can easily hang them differently, as follows:

The Roman blinds can either hang rolled up, halfway up or completely as a privacy screen! I know myself and I know that I am a very humble person – but haven’t the blinds turned out completely cool ??! The best part is that they can be made pretty quickly and also fit into “problem windows” like ours, where there wouldn’t be enough space above the windows for a curtain rod. And I always find pleated blinds to be like a doctor’s office …

You need:

  • Fabric (I took finished curtains from the furniture store – curtain fabric is not cheaper!)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine and accessories
  • Impact eyelets 14 mm, 7 per window, 9 for windows over 120 cm wide
  • 3 small hooks per window, 4 for wide windows (there are of course nicer ones than the ones I used – have a look at the hardware store!)
  • hammer
  • Folding rule

How to do it:

I did it a little differently for my windows because there are three of them, but I’ll explain the procedure for one window, ok?

Step 1:


First you measure the window cutout, i.e. the hole in which the window sits. Oops, I just see that I’ve forgotten something in the photo with the extremely professional drawing: You are measuring it Window cutout + about 10 cm left and right (the blind should protrude a little so that it darkens) + 2 cm seam allowance on each side.


For the height you take the Height of the window cutout + 2 x approx. 10 cm overhang at the top and bottom + 2 x approx. 5 cm addition for a wide hem.

Step 2:

Cut your curtain.

Step 3:

Fold in the left and right side of the curtain 2 x 1 cm and sew the side seam.

Step 4:

You still need this snippet that holds the blind when it’s rolled up. I simply took the curtain holder that came with the package and shortened it to 28 cm. Otherwise you sew a strip about 5 cm wide. The length depends on how long your roller blind is.

Step 5:

Put the snippet in the middle of the upper edge, fold over 1 cm and then another 4 cm so that it becomes a wide hem (the eyelets hold better then) and sew the edge.

Step 6:

At the bottom you also fold 1 cm and then 4 cm and sew it in place (only without the snippet – great word by the way). Wait, you’re not finished yet, but I’ll show you what the finished curtain looks like:

Step 7:

At the end only the eyelets are missing! In the package you will find everything you need for it, but you should still look for a solid surface, otherwise you will break your table or floor!

Attach 7 eyelets to the Roman shade according to the instructions on the packaging: In the corners, in the middle and on the snippet.

DIY instructions for super easy, self-sewn Roman blinds for practically every window

The Roman blinds are hung on three hooks, in which you simply hang the curtain!

DIY instructions for super easy, self-sewn Roman blinds for practically every window

If you want to see me live in action, how I sew the blinds, almost tear down the little house with the hammer drill and set fire to it, you have to wait until November 🙂!

All the best!

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